Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Jaguar and my excellent dad

Here are some pictures of my dad and his friends and their cars.
Dad and a friend restored his Jag over a year or two.
It's been something he's wanted to do for ages - his dad was a good mechanic and he knows so much about cars (he fixed mine last night when some dope crunched my front fender) and I'm so proud of him for doing something he's always wanted to do. I love old cars but Stuart is car mad so he gets up unnaturally early to go on drives with Dad sometimes and talks about it for days afterwards. He (quite rightly) says my dad is very cool. The car is amazing. When you travel in it, it's like being a rock star because people stop and stare. The bonnet is huge and the interior is gorgeous. Even the cigarette lighter says 'Cigar'. It's from a very stylish time. Dad drives around with his pals on the weekend and has a great time. These photos were taken by Stuart, who takes photos of everything... Stuart has a MINI Cooper (see picture below). He loves this car. He used to have an old Triumph and still looks at them wistfully on the road, but I know he loves his new car because he washes it so often... In this final photo, I'm sinning against car enthusiasts around the globe, by sitting on the bonnet. I had no idea this was such a heinous crime until I did it, and got horrified looks from both Stuart and my dad, so I had to get a photo taken to prove I was once such a dare-devil. I'm not even allowed to put my feet up on the dash of the Mini Cooper when I'm in the suicide seat but it's worth it because it's such a gorgeous car.
Some people might know that I gave Cassidy Blair a silver MINI Cooper in 'The Millionaire Float', so it was fun research and, for once, easy... I could actually practice some scenes from the book (such as being tied up in the back seat) to see how they'd play out.

Anyway, enough about cars. Drive carefully and as my mum would say 'There are madmen on the roads'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has been a real joy spending time with Rob and his friends’ amazing E-types, and driving Rob’s Jag through the beautiful roads from Strathalbyn to Stirling was one of the highlights of my motoring life.

12:22 pm, November 22, 2006  

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