Friday, November 17, 2006

Sophie, my brilliant and beautiful niece

Here are a few photos of my beautiful and very smart and funny niece, Sophie. She is so much fun to talk to and play with. We love feeding the ducks together and one of the photos is of her with the gorgeous Alice in Wonderland statue in Adelaide's Rhymill Park, where there are row boats and a cool seventies deli.
Sophie is very smart, I know everyone says that about their family but she's already reading really well. She's a great swimmer and tennis player and she has her own ideas about what she wears and does. She's her own little person and that is great. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to think I sing as well as I clearly do, so I'm banned from singing around her. In fact I have to ask her permission otherwise I'm off to the clink, apparently.
I think my mum would agree with this. She once said she'd pay me fifty dollars not to sing or hum on a drive from Adelaide to Strathalbyn and I fluffed it in about ten minutes, I was a bit bummed out - more about the fact that people don't seem to appreciate my musical abilities than the fact that I missed out on some serious scratch.
Still, I'm keen to sing some carols this year with my friend Cath, as long as they play Good King Wenceslas which is my favourite carol. I am a real christmas gooberhead, as you might have noticed. I am also very happy about having a new little niece called Eva, who's only a few months old and I'll post a photo when I get a good one.
I'm still thrashing my way through writing two books, even though the sun is shining and the birds sinigng (Inside and outside the house), so time is really getting away from me at the moment.

Food: Potnoodles
Listening to: The Adam and Joe radio show podcasts from the UK. I love those guys
Watching: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Wearing: A dress my dad thought was my nightie when he popped over this afternoon
Reading: 'Postmortem' by Patricia Cornwell (third read)
Can't wait to: See my friend Anna Jackson when she moves back to Adelaide from Canberra this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sophie is so cute! I wonder where her blonde hair comes from. From what you've told me, she seems so sweet. Your so lucky.

8:14 pm, November 25, 2006  

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