Friday, April 20, 2007

As the world turned, Kirsty decided a change of pace would enliven her working day, so she's cleaned up a recipe requested by someone using an interview with her for thier book, and got hungry typing it up, so decided to post the recipe for the enjoyment of others, and so startle her friends. She rarely cooks, but when she does... she likes to make a great big mess.

Sadly, my baby, the bird I brought up from a tiny fledgling, Charlie is still bald of feathers on his head. I give him medicine every morning but while it eases the itchiness, no feathers have emerged. I feel really really sad about it and don't know what to do, but as long as he's happy and healthy, I guess it'll be okay. I just don't want him to get a chill. And he was such a handsome bird... And he's always so dear, so keen and interested and hop popping around poking about, and whenver I sit, he sits with me, either on my hand while I'm typing (not perfect) or on my shoulder or hand while reading. If I ever nap he settles down with me and it is SO restful. For someone prone to anxiety I have found that having free flying, hilarious, chirpy birds around one of the very best sources of joy and relaxation I have ever expereinced. On the days they spot a bird high in teh sky, or decide to have a scream-off, this opinion does not apply, but those bad times are few and usually easily solved with some soft treatment and a short blast of some of their favourite music.

Kirsty and Mark’s Vegie Burgers

My friend Mark created this while recipe sharing a housewith me being vegetarians and not having much cash. I've since made a few changes and claimed it as my own, mostly because I get asked for a recipe sometimes and this is really the only one I could claim to have a hand in, everything is is by the book (i.e. add 1 cup hot water to noodles/pasta/jelly/custard), stir and enjoy!) It is a fun, yummy meal that lasts for a while in the frdige so you can have it often if you get into it. I don't know if it freezes but then I've never given it a chance.

I can corn or I cup fresh cooked corn off the cob
2 carrots – grated small
3 zucchini’s, grated and the liquid squeezed out.
1 large tin canned tomatoes
2 eggs
1 big can of chick peas (or leave a cup full of fresh chick peas soaking overnight in water)
Beans or lentils, no more than a cup each
4 onions (grated)
1 clove garlic, mashed
Two teaspoons of each spice – cumin, turmeric, garam masala, etc
Small amount of mustard seeds

The rest
Use bread or soft rolls, whatever you prefer, and any of the following to taste:
Beerenberg tomato sauce
Fresh lettuce
Sliced tomato
A fried egg

Mix everything together, except for the eggs, flour, breadcrumbs. These are to be added until the consistency is right (i.e soft, almost sloppy, not solid. It should initially stick to the spatula when you throw a handful into the frying pan and flatten it. Cook slowly until one side is light brown and turn, keep turning and flattening. Bits will fall off, especially chick peas, but the constancy is such that you can squish it back on again. The middle is often still soft, but don’t let that worry you, as long as it’s cooked, it’s yummy and fine, it’s not meant to hold together, as too much flour or breadcrumbs takes away the slightly spicy taste. Just cook until ready (I like them sort of burnt...) then serve on a roll with your favourite burger ingredients.
These are sort of messy to eat. I’m sure someone can come up with a way to reduce that, but I love it. I also like lots of sauce. It’s a great, messy super tasty meal that I have found that kids really like, even when they think being vegetarian is totally lame... Not that I have any kids but I borrow them sometimes for just such experiments.

Listening to: The Shawshank Redemption Soundtrack.
Eating: cucumbers. I have a strange unexplained craving for them recently. I think it's the crunchiness.
Thinking about: My niece Sophie and wishing we were still performing our excellent synchronised swining in Rymill Park like yesterday. it's really a very pretty spot as the sun goes down.
Watching: The Buffy Musical - and the sun glowing orange/pink on the warehouse apartment across the road. it's very pretty. (Lord I've gone all nature lovin'...
Wearing: A millet stick in my hair and the last remains of a few orange flowers. Spencer and Lucy haven't left my shoulders today. They're suspiciously like the good angel and the devil, giving me conflicting advice. Somehow it all seems to have the same theme: 'Knock off early, kiddo!'
Reading: The SAS Survival Guide for 'The Tequila Bikini' research


Blogger Michael Whitting said...

I enjoy your writing style Kirsty - your blog style, that is. It's lively and inviting.

I like reading about your birds. Our farm is home to many native birds, but none in the house. We might have to think about that.

Your choice of music is surprising, given your age. I mean, Dean Martin? I agree with you about the Gotan Project, they're a superb group.

But, pray tell me, what is a millet stick? Every morning in what we call the dry season here in the Top End, I make a porridge from ground millet meal. It's so healthy and cleansing - but a millet stick. Please inform.

Michael Whitting
Katherine NT

12:10 pm, May 10, 2007  
Blogger Kirsty Brooks said...

Hi Michael, sorry for the delay replying to you. A millet stick, maybe I've got the term wrong. It's the branch of seed that the birds pick from. Ir's like a thick piece of wheat, with knobs of the pale seed all along it's length. My darling Spencer (the white one) has only just started eating normal seed as I was spending all my money on these sticks because they were the only thing he'd eat. He's just discovered corn on the cob, so his white face is now slightly yellow smudged (along with some pink glittery bits on the top of his head where I kiss him - poor thing). The other kids tease him, I think.

1:39 pm, May 18, 2007  

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