Friday, August 24, 2007


I am sad today because my parent's dog, Jem, has been diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma. She is such a good dog. I feel like everyone is sick these days. Here she is at the million paws walk with my excellent niece, Sophie. I still miss Charlie every day...

However... I can't wait to live in a place with a garden. When I drop stuff of at the animal welfare league (dog food and blankets) I always have to drop and run, in case I catch sight of a dog. I wanted to volunteer there, but pretty much everyone I knew said it would be a dreadful decision as I would not be able to return any of therm. Here are some pics of dogs I have found - one chocolate puppy at my friend, Nick Linke's, party. The dude who brought this dog was very popular especialy with the laydees.
This great dog I found on the road across from my place. She was goign crazy, locked out of an apartment. I eventually sat with her so long she climbed on my lap and I took her home when I realised no one was coming home. I took her to the river where she had a swim and ate the dog treats i bought and chased the ducks and then I took her up to my mum's place in stirling to give her a bath (the Torrens is a bit stinky) and I ended up having to buy her a collar and leash because I couldn't carry her everywhere - it felt like I was trying to be Paris Hilton - and I made loads of friends too. Everyone loved this dog. I draw the conclusion that if you're lonely or not getting laid, having a dog would be a step in the right direction. And brillaint for a good sendse of well bring. Goto the Animal Welfare League, there are loads of great animals there who need homes urgently.
Anyway, I put my pillow down to read and she jumped right onto it, so I figured she was a pretty spoiled dog. When I finally returned the dog when I saw the owner arrive home, he said she was sixteen. She is a great, very lively and funny dog. She sat on my alp the whole time in the car. I felt sad leaving her.
I think it's the main reason I put Hellhound in my books, she's such a great dog I wish she was real.


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