Thursday, July 17, 2008

Highbury rocks my tiny world

I moved from a lifetime of inner city living, sharehousing in eatern suburbs bungalows and semi snazzy Norwood apartments. I became thoroughly sick of all the fake crap that comes with these neighbourhoods. I got sick of people dressing up like hookers for their grocery shopping, of all the crap shops selling crap fake Louis Vuitton bags, all the crappy cafes that make you stand at the cash registers to order each part of your (crappy) meal, and all the concrete, and lack of sense of neighborhood. No one says hello on the streets, or the parks, despite me always saying hello - yes it's nerdy but it's nice too, OKAY! - and they don't even have headphones stuck in their ears. I know it's not me being a weirdo because in Highbury, everyone says hello, or at least gives me a George Clooney style manly nod.
Although my neighbours at my last place in Norwood were terrific, the wankers streaming constantly out of the Alma pub were so appalling it almost put me off the human race forever. Not being all that enamored with them in the first place, this wasn't hard, so I frantically looked for somewhere else to go before I grew too grumpy to write screw ball romantic comedies any more.
So I moved to Highbury, a 60s style ranch house. There are loads of reasons I love Highbury, I will list them all one day, but so far, here are a few:
1) Kids ride BMX bikes and hang out on the corner, and although they offer to carry your shopping and say hello, they also graffitit and seem to be skipping school. They are immediately my type of dudes. They think I'm an old lady who needs her shopping carried, but still, I feel at home.
2) My local post office doesn't make me wait hours to get my mail. In fact, they see my coming and have it ready on the counter.
3) The local 7 day deli has a notice board with lots of hot offers for accommodation, lost parrots, things for sale, and dog groomers. It also has a chinese restaurant next door that has milk crates for chairs, broken table and two dead cars out back. See attached pic.
4) I've never lived somewhere with so many hair salons and dog groomers. considering The Norwood Parade had a hair salon every second store, this is huge.
5) Linear park is amazing, a constant rejuvinating place full of ducks and finches and three types of herons and lots of people walking their dogs and saying hello or nodding manfully. Okay, so I used to be able to go to Linear Park through St Peters before, but so far i've not had anyone flash me, try to steal my bag, or ask me out on a date (in the bushes close by) like I did in St Peters.
6) People give way to me in shops. Sure, they tail gate like MF's in cars, but in person, they are seriously polite dudes. They open doors, say things like 'ladies first' and smile (and not just at my boobs).
7) People don't stare at me if I go to the shops in my pyjamas or tracksuit pants. In fact the latter is just normal in Highbury. If I did this in Norwood I'd run into three of my mums' friends and six girls I went to school/uni with and my mum would have called me by the afternoon in an outrage about my ''performance'. So I don't get so tense just trying to do the shopping and people don't stare at me if I talk to myself. They are polite about other people's differences. It's nice.
8) I saw a guy with a stocking over his head in the car next to me. He looked jumpy. And it wasn't even a Chaser style prank. I was very excited. and I didn't give chase because in Highbury we're polite about other people's differences.
Listening to: My conscience
Eating: most of the ingredients I bought to make slice for my niece's birthday party.
Thinking about: having some Quickeze
Watching: Twin Peaks
Wearing: Anything warm - tons of things piled on me like a mountain goat.
Reading: Danny Wallace and the centre of the universe - does this guy wax between this eyebrows or what?


Anonymous Jo Falkland said...

Wonderful writing. Love reading your stuff. looking forward to the next Cassidy book.

12:34 am, July 18, 2008  

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