Thursday, August 07, 2008

Three things

1)It's impossibly Cruella De Ville for the Will Truman character on WILL & GRACE to be so well baked into a scrumptious man shaped snack. He is gay, (perfect, but maybe not so), but then, not so gay in real life - i.e. quanrdy/confusion/excitement. Dreadful business all over my tiny all mixed business shop specialising in snacks and GIFTABLES (Yes, it's a word, according to one of many mass market bridal salons on Payneham Road - one of the ones that make me laugh - the joy of weirdness never leaves me.)
2) Driving a 4WD makes you feel like you're at monster trucks. It is far too excellent for real life. My mum leant me her 4Wd so I could pick up an aviary and a couple birds who needed a home and I can't give it back. i've used it to move rocks, churn up grass, intimidate people who seem nice. It's like I'm Queen of the Road. I will have to give it back. It hurts to be just one of the people being intimidated by silly big monster trucks on the road again. I want my own truck. But I don/t. what do I want? Maybe not to have ever known the power and not to have driven into a Highbury Park'N'Shop and yelled 'Run, save yourselves tiny minions!'.
no wonder those Malvern/Burnside oldies are such bad drivers. I've always wondered what the crash rate is at the Burnside Village (i.e. inside mall with no lighting - Crappy suburban mall crammed with chain stores anyone?). village... I've never known a village to have so many shops selling outsized lady/man shirts with 'fancy' collars and cheese.
3) Well, maybe on the cheese issue I'm wrong.


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